War Rules

§1. Quantity of maps to determine. Every clan choose half of maps. Africa1 map is default map, and is played as the first map on war.

§2. Round time limit is 7 minutes.

3rd person view is off, while falling damage, crosshair and friendly fire is on. (inverse damage is 0%).

§4. No spectators allowed during war.

§5. Equipment to make the objectives must be able to use. (Camera on Czech3, Dynamite on Africa3)

§6. On war you can't use: Grenade No.69, Grenade No.97, Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck, Bazooka and MG 42.

§7. In Burma 2 map camping inside bunker and using the radio is not allowed, also destruction the radio at Africa3 map by gun (shooting to headphones) is not allowed.

§8. Only one Stielhangranate 39 and Grenade No.36 are allowed. Quantity of  this grenades must be reduced to one in mpmaplist.txt file.

§9. Not allowed is using glitches (throwing nades through closed doors, lying on the stairs) , aimbot, wallhack, tables or other programs. Only healing while leaning is allowed.

§10. Restarts (cause of bug, connection problems etc.) are able up to 1 min sec. after round start. Max. 3 restarts per map.

§11. Changing of players are allowed.

§12. Breaking the rules will stop the war. The one who break the rules lose the war.

§13. Count will be the number of won rounds, not won maps.


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