Origin of †°[R•I•P]°† Clan
Team was established in December 2009, when 0r4ng3 and H3y4h decided to create clan for Hidden & Dangerous 2 game. First new member was 3r4 who was in clan for the most time of all members. First clan war was against clan [Best], team of this game's veterans.
To the edge of glory
Clan was growing up. New members joined team, more and more wars were playing. These gamers were Choco, Gerkus and Max. It was first permament squad. In first half of 2010, we invited to team R4d3k and Fox - icons of the clan. We were becoming better players, we were fighting against best clans of game. We took a part in our first clan cup - but without success. Our clan started to be a new big actor on the game scene. Clan became international, when our friends from Germany (Bassrapper and Jango) and Czech Republic (Whisky - for short time, Blackops) joined squad. 
Assistant Clan Leader
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