Rules of †°[R•I•P]°† clan!

§1. You can't use cheats, bugs and glitches!

§2. You can't insult †°[R•I•P]°† team members!

§3. You must listen to your leader and co-leaders!

§4. You must have Skype, TeamSpeak3 and a Headset!

§5. You must be online on Skype when you are at PC!

§6. You must be good player, we don't take beginners!

§7. You must have more than 18 years old, if you want join!

§8. You must wear your clantag: †°[R•I•P]°† !

§9. You can be only in one H&D2 team/clan!

§10. You should speak english!

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