28.02.2017 - War against ‡[·THEOS·]‡ clan.
After some time finally we played against better opponents. War was hard but we won again. This time 11:7. Best player (in my opinion) at this war was Kazisuk with his teleport cheat xD (high ping). Regards R4d3k™

16.02.2017 - War against «{®•†•S}» clan.
War with new clan in H&D2. The war was very easy despite the fact that our opponents clearly using multihack cheat (no recoil, infinite stamina), because that they are banned from our servers. I'm not happy about that i must ban them, but cheaters can't be tolerated in such great game. They have the possibility of unban if they stop use cheats. Why we give them that chance because H&D2 is nearly dead game and we want as many players we can have to play wars. Regards R4d3k™

 War against 132th_NATO clan.
Today we again played war with this clan. War was a little bit harder than previous one. After half we was winning only 5:4 for our team, but the fianl score is 11:7 and next victory for our clan. Regards R4d3k™

14.02.2017 War against 132th_NATO clan.
Next victory - 15:3. I didn't played at this war so i can't write anything more about this war. Regards R4d3k™

- War against -=VoD=- clan.
They asked us for cw and we was very exited to play with this clan. Sadly they don't know the rules of objective wars and discconect after one played map. From the start they said "Objective style for no skill players, idiots" etc. In my opinion objective style wars force you to think and play as a team and maybe thats the reason why our opponents found it's not their style. W.O. - 18:0. Regards R4d3k™

12.02.2017 - War against 132th_NATO clan.
This war we've played only 3vs3. Nothing more to write about this war. Victory 12:6 for our clan. Regards R4d3k™

10.02.2017 - War against 132th_NATO clan.
In next war against 132th_NATO we trought we will play 3vs4 but Partyzant from «{•4F•}» clan ask us for permisson to play with us. After half of war score was very good for us and till end opponents couldn't threaten us and we won again, but this time 14:4. By the way our map at this war was Czech1, we talked with each other and we decide it's good to play another map than Burma2 or Arctic3 as we usually choose. Regards R4d3k™

09.02.2017 - War against 132th_NATO clan.
At this war (i think i can say it, and i hope that my teammates will agree with that) i just destroyed opponents. I've killed at least five opponents in all maps. We won 15:3. Regards R4d3k™

08.02.2017 - War against 132th_NATO clan.
War stared 3vs4 at first map and i think thats the reason why we lost one round in this war. Victory - 17:1. Regards R4d3k™

05.02.2017 - War against «{•4F•}» clan.
War aginst this clan evokes memories. I spent more then 1 year in this clan in years 2010-2011 (you can check old 4F web that i made - CLICK! ---> , btw it's shit right now i know xD). But now more about war. After half we was afraid we can draw or worse lose that war. But before last map (not boasting myself rigth now) i made 10:0 at Africa3 map and secure a victory for our clan. Regards R4d3k™

07.01.2016 - War against 132th_NATO clan.
War was played 5vs5 and not as usual we played 4 maps. War was very easy for our clan. We won 20:4. Nothing more to say about this was cause nothing interesting had happend. Regards R4d3k™

15.12.2016 - War against [•†ENEMY†•] clan.
War was played again 5vs5 and this time war was much easier than previous one. After half of the war score was 8:1 for our clan and we finished with score 12:6 (again) for our clan. Regards R4d3k™

13.12.2016 - War against [•†ENEMY†•] clan.
War was played 5vs5 and after first half of the war at the axis side, we had score 5:4 for our clan and it was a surprise for us. We were afraid that we can lose this war, but in 2nd half on allied side we played very good and finish with score 12:6 for our clan. Thanks for [•†ENEMY†•] clan for good war. Regards R4d3k™

11.12.2016 - War against [•†ENEMY†•] clan.
War against new clan in H&D2. We didn't know what we can expect. But very good play from our profesional gamer Owner lead us to victory 12:6. Thanks for [•†ENEMY†•] clan for good war.  Regards R4d3k™

08.12.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
Next war with the same opponent. In this war we started in Allied side and that was good idea I think.
Cause we won 1st half 6:3, and at the end of war we finish with score 11:7 for our clan.
Thanks for {SOG} clan for the next good war.
Regards R4d3k™

06.12.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
After 9 days without playing wars. We played again againts {SOG} clan.
War was not hard challenge for us and we won 13:5.

27.11.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
For the first time in 2016 we played war at occupation style.
All our players was playing very good and we won 3:1.

24.11.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
Very easy war for us. We won 16:2
All our players was playing very good.

23.11.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
After two lost wars, we won again.
For the first time we won map Africa3 in allied side. (2 rounds!)
This war was very good and all played very well.

22.11.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
Second lost war in this year.
Almost we tie but the last round was not very lucky for us.
We lost 8:10. Thanks for game.
Our clan leader Yohnatan™ played his 300th war for †°[R•I•P]°† clan.

21.11.2016 - Second war against {SOG} clan at the same day.
We should not play this war cause we lost first clanwar in 2016.
We just played bad in this war. But there is always a first time.

21.11.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
On this war we played extremely good. Opponents almost lost all rounds in this war,
Final result is 17:1.

20.11.2016 - Next war against {SOG} clan at the same day.
On this war we play quite good. Opponents when score was 9:3 for us,
led the score to 9:6 and we was afraid that we will draw this war,
but on the last map we won 3 rounds, and won the war 12:6.
War was played 6vs6 players. Thanks for good war.

20.11.2016 - Next in a row war against {SOG} clan.
In this war we played very good and we won 12:6
Nothing more to say about that war.

19.11.2016 - Again we played war against {SOG} clan.
In this war we finished clanwar in full squad.
It showed that when we have aligned forces in war we win.
We won this war 13:5.. At last I have a request to {SOG} clan.
If you want war please gather your team faster because that waiting is killing me.

18.11.2016 - Next war against {SOG} clan.
This war started for us perfectly.
After half-time we was winning 7:2, but then our clanmate Kuchar
must end play and we need finish that war 3vs4.
The game wasn't going our way, I was playing very bad, but Yohnatan and DanJ have done great job and made that we won the war 10:8.
Best player in our team in that war was DanJ™. Regards 

17.11.2016 - War against {SOG} clan.
That war was great for our team. Everything was as it should be.
At last what can I say - simply we surpassed our adversaries.
We won 16:2. Regards 

16.11.2016 - War against [GoP] clan.
Todays war was much easier than previous.
We beat [GoP] clan 15:3.
Biggest thanks for Kuchar who was the best player on that war.
At the end i can say only that [GoP] was playing with one player from other
clan so maybe it's a reason why we won with them so high. Regards 

15.11.2016 - War against {SOG}™ clan. Victory - 13:5.

13.11.2016 - Today we played our 1st war in 2016 againts [GoP] clan.
After 1st half we was winning 7:2
and we was sure we will win that war easy,
but [GoP] clan prove us that they are very hard to beat.
The final result is a draw - 9:9.
Thanks for the very good clanwar after so long time. Regards 

23.10.2016 - After 2 years we are back!

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